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An artist, an animator and a college student. Looking for a friend to wait out the end of the world.


I'm not dead...huzzah!! · 10:06pm Jan 22nd, 2017

So yeah I haven't been on in a while....*sigh*. Ok mostly this blog is to promote a re-write of Manhattan Hackers now re-named as ponys://equ.HackEquestria.fu which can be read here. I wanted to re-write it since the last version got some pretty bad reviews (and some positive ones) along with some pretty good critique, now I spent all this time learning and writing mini stories for friends on a small notepad which one

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Thank you few followers · 2:35am Nov 16th, 2015

So recently I have written a story titled Manehattan Hackers. I know it's sucky but it is my first story and I know how some of you might expect it to be different when you first see the title but trust me I work on it offline and maybe I'll get better at writing. But still first blog post so maybe I hope my story becomes a little better at least I pray to Celestia it will.:applejackunsure:

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