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Good news! · 1:14am Jun 22nd, 2016

So...I'm back to writing. I have the next few chapters vaguely outlined, and have started to write them. So! You can expect to see some updates for NLS coming soon. That'll be all for now, guys.


Sorry to everyone... · 11:50am May 25th, 2016

I have no real excuse this time, for not doing any kind of updates on my story, or why there hasn't been any kind of updates as to why I haven't been doing either. The only thing I can say is that I'm working on something else for now, non pony. I just don't have the motivation to pick up my keyboard for Shadow's story. Though I am in the process of getting a commission for the scene where Val, and Amber are cuddled up on the couch, soooo maybe that'll spark some creativity back into me.

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Thanks to Rossby Waves! Go praise his gloriousness! · 10:09pm Apr 18th, 2016

So, I've been using that MLP OC maker model for like forever, right? I've been searching for an artist who I liked the style that I could afford. As it turns out I have very expensive tastes, because that was very hard! :rainbowlaugh: Anyways I have been loping around in the discord chat for QnB peoples and I found Rossby Waves and I loved his art style. I was like, "Oh god this is gonna hurt, but I've got to get a commission by this guy. I

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What do you guys think? · 8:55pm Mar 17th, 2016

So, I've been writing this story for a while and I wanted to take it to another level with the fighting. But, I want to ask you, the readers, what you think about me adding the occasional gore to this story? If I get a positive response I'll add the tag, and mark the chapters that contain the gore with an (G) at the end of the chapter tittle. But, be warned there may be more stuff in the chapters than just the gore.

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Working on The New Life of Shadow Ironsword · 3:25pm Nov 19th, 2015

So, as I continue to, hopefully get better at writing I look back occasionally to what I have done proir. And as I did so for NLS I discovered that the early chapters are... well for lack of a better term they're terrible. I have plans to, over the next few days go back and edit the story, to try and improve it.

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