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I am sort of an amateur writer but I love creative writing. Especially about topics that I love.


OC Requests · 11:50pm Apr 7th, 2015

So apparently I found a really cool technique to make an OC with a virtual paint tool. And I have never been able to do digital art.
This is my OC, Blazing Hue.
Since I figured this crazy thing out I am open for any request for OCs. Just leave a description of your OC in the comments and I can make them.
Base Credit to Equine- Bases on DeviantArt

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My First Fan-Fiction is Finished! · 12:34am Mar 17th, 2015

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I finally finished my first fanific! I can't help but feel the last 2 chapters are a bit rushed but I still hope whoever reads it will like it!

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Introduction · 4:54am Mar 8th, 2015

I might be a little late on my introduction, considering I joined on 3/5/2015 but I would like to share a few things:

1. I like comedy stories the most :pinkiehappy:
2. I started my first story "The Cherry Job - The Dazzlings' Story"
This story is actually doing pretty well (I halfway expected to get more than three favorites). Even though I just started and don't have that many followers, I appreciate the support. :rainbowkiss:

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