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The Prince of light and his knight. · 3:42am Dec 22nd, 2017

wen when King Sombra was blasted with the power of the crystal heart he wasn't killed he was purified and sent to the realm of Shadows where he meets a young Alicorn Colt named Hope.

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The slver knight · 2:29am Feb 25th, 2015

ok to all you Fluttershy fan's this pic has bin her for a wile and i have yet to see a story about fluttershy fulling in love with a Captain of the Guard so this is my challenge Fluttershy full's in love with Captain of the Guard (not shining armor) how they full in love is up to you.

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Fancy-Apple · 7:33pm Jan 25th, 2015

this is a fem-big macintosh X Fancy Pants idea blog

wen thinking about pairings for Macareina i thought of some key things she mite be looking for in a stallion?
1, he would actually let her talk...
2, he has to be taller then her.

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