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Hey, everyone! Pegasister here! It's nice to see you all from Fanfiction again! If you don't know me then well.... Time to meet me!


Stories · 6:21pm Nov 27th, 2014

Ok everybody. Just wanted to say some stuff about my stories and what's going to happen with them. Let's start with my lost sister.

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My new account! · 7:56pm Oct 22nd, 2014

Hey everyone! Pegasister here! Just wanted to say that I just created an account and some of you guys may know me from Fanfiction. And no, I am not a copycat! My stories are mostly going to be about the Dazzlings- specifically Sonita! She is my all time favorite character due to her funny and loving personality. If I had to say who is my favorite in Dazzlings it would be..
1. Sonita
2. Aria
3. Adagio

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