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It's my Birthday today. · 8:56pm Oct 17th, 2016

:yay: yay
Another year has passed for me,
and I was here to witness it.
Cheers lads and ladies.

Damn straight Mr. Poe.
Now to drink expensive wine and mope.

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I am asking for help with the fic · 11:02pm Jun 11th, 2016

Like the title says I need help with The Nocturnal Mind so if anyone wants to help I will accept and give you credit.


Does anyone besides me actually care if this story continues? · 11:50pm May 27th, 2016

I mean I've been trying but it is kinda hard to get motivated these days so. I just thought I would get a tally. After that we'll go from there I guess. Maybe nobody cares about any of this but at least I'll get an answer.

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If anyone cares at this point... an update · 12:21pm May 11th, 2016

I have been very busy with classes over the past few months so the story has taken a back seat to my college work. that being said i have alot more free time now that summer is here and i only have one online class to keep up with. A new chapter will be added by the end of the month and some parts of the previous chapters will be reworked. so if you even care at this point since ive been very neglectful to this half baked idea you can look forward to it i guess. that is all

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