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Gone for a while · 4:38am Aug 5th, 2015


I'm gonna be gone for a while.


Because I'm going to be working on a story, a story that I'm hopefully going to publish.

Yeah... I'm gonna give a shot at writing something to publish. Maybe..

Plus, school is about to start... I'm gonna die. OwO

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Stuff · 8:37pm Jun 24th, 2015

Like every summer, I go to Colorado Springs with my aunt and uncle. They now have an adorable German Shepherd. ^_^

Also, both of my stories shall be on hiatus. Let me be lazy. let me!!

Anyways, I just got back from Gamestop, got Minecraft, and now I'm here, on the computer. .-. I'm very lazy :/

-@Autumn 2:37 pm Colorado Time

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Fundraiser · 1:53am Apr 29th, 2015

Hey guys, I'm making a fundraiser for my school. So any if you want to donate and help? You'll get a gift from me if ya do. :PP

3rd Place- I will draw one of your Ocs

2nd place- I will draw your Oc with my Ocs AND you can hang out with me

1st place- I will draw your Oc with my Ocs, you can hang out with me, and I'll make a drawing of your favorite shipping!

Any if you who don't get the top 3 will get a simple cameo in my art work.

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Happy April Fools Day! · 12:30am Apr 2nd, 2015

WOO! Favorite HOLIDAY!


Anyways, happy April Fools Day everybody! Yeah, u heard! This is my favorite day EVER! And it's been a whole year since I joined YouTube! Yeah, I joined YouTube on this day! HA! Man, I wonder why I did that. Anyways, I how u have fun and plan pranks and trolls for today and just HAVE FUN! Lol.

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Back on topic · 2:59am Mar 22nd, 2015

So, despite being in a WAR, I'm working on School for Good and Evil again! And I have 3 editors too! (2 just in case) even tho Mystic is my enemy, she is my #1 editor while I have 2 others that are from school. My friend Luiza, (she is really good at grammar) is #2 editor while my friend, AVERY, is my back up editor. I really did need an editor back then! But now I have one! Yay! I have to THANK a lot of people on Skype (They don't even know.. ) because they inspired me to work on this story

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B vs B · 1:32am Mar 22nd, 2015

Hey guys! I've gotten myself into a WAR on Skype... yeah I know I'm stupid! So I'm the ruler of Bricks (don't ask!) And my my friend (enemy) Mystic loves bacon! But she said #baconisbetterthanbricks and the war started. Now, were both recruiting people to be on our sides... hehe...so now I'm asking u! Bricks vs Bacon! Which side will u choose?
-General Autumn of the BRICK ARMY

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Merry Christmas/Happy New Years · 7:54pm Dec 25th, 2014

Hello every pony Normal again. I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a New Year. I also wanted to thank you for 21 followers. I hope you guys have an awesome holiday. ^-^

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Artists needed · 3:27am Dec 16th, 2014

Hey you! Ya you! I need sone artists for a series on Youtube called "Rose and Autumn' BUT we can not upload anything without art! So if you are a good artist and doesnt use Pony Creator please contact me in my gmail. autumnplaysmlp@gmail.com you will only do art for one episodes unless you contact me once more ill let you. But you will probably have to make a lot of pictures! But thanks for listening and i hope that you'll help.


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Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2 research part 1 · 1:17am Dec 12th, 2014

So, FNaF 2 has been out for a little bit, and yet Scott gives us more confusion to deal with! Now I've been debating if Foxy or Mangle bit someone in '87. *sighs*

Anyways, great game. I thought I could make a blog about few of the theories i came upon and other things.

Five Nights at Freddy's 1-

1: Ever since FNaF 2 has came out, I think there was a meaning of posters in a hallway of a child crying. But we get to that later.

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Im Back! · 10:32pm Nov 16th, 2014

Hey guys, Normalgiirlpony here! I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween! And i hope Thanksgiving will be great when it comes. Sorry i havent been able to make a blog guys, its just i got on the new game "Five Nights At Freddies 2" which turns out to be a prequel. And schol is the big problem but never mind that. How is it going for you guys?

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