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I'm a huge fan of some actually good cartoons, such as Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Tiny toons, Scooby Doo, Pokemon, Pinkie and The Brain, MLP, and all other good cartoons, back when tv was actually good


An idea i have for A Little Girl's Love · 4:36am January 23rd

Hey guys, I got an idea earlier today. What is your opinion on this? When Mavis' fears finally get the best of her, she sneaks out of the Castle, and runs away into the mountains, where she meets a group of mountain nymphs, who help to teach Mavis in the ways of becoming one with nature, and teach her that all of her fears are only as she views them, not as they truly are. Let me know what you guys think

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Opinions on A Little GIrl's Love rewrite · 5:13am January 1st

Hey guys, darkmage1997 here, and I have a quick question for all of you. What are your opinions on the possibilities of the two following items?

1. Mavis having a cybernetic arm


2. Mavis being revealed to be a mermaid

Let me know what your opinions are on these two items

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Back again · 6:49pm Jul 11th, 2018

I've come back again! And I have some new ideas for stories, and some changes to the Alola Journey story. Aside from doing Ultra Rewrites, I was thinking of have the siblings from the Loud House join the adventure. Let me know your thoughts on this. And so you know, this is only the beginning

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I quit, again · 4:09am Dec 20th, 2017

Due to the fact that now this site is forcing us to agree to the use of cookies, I must once again, quit. But don't worry. This time, I am not deleting any of my stories. And with that, this is darkmage1997, signing off, for the last time.

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Discord VS. Aku · 7:51pm Jul 24th, 2017

"Who would win in a fight?" A popular question asked about pop culture's characters. The people of Death Battle answer that question all the time. But when you really think about it, there's one match up we have yet to see: Discord going up against Aku

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Once Again, i am free to write my stories as i did in days long past · 11:53pm Jul 8th, 2017

Hey there every peoples! I, darkmage1997 have returned to continue to write my stories! I apologize for leaving so abruptly, but I need some time to come up with new ideas for stories. One of the stories will be a take on Jim Carrey's, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Sorry Guys · 1:58am Jul 7th, 2016

Due to reasons of security, and the fact I lost my drive to write anymore stories, I regret to in form you all that I am quitting. But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time on the site, and writing all my stories. But I lost all motivation to continue writing

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On the Run Reconstruction · 12:40am Nov 23rd, 2015

Just to let you all know, On the Run will be have more writing. Check it out!

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On the Run · 3:37pm Jul 16th, 2015

Hey guys, darkmage1997 here, and I have something for you guys! Its a new story based on the Muppets Most Wanted movie, that was requested by Crash Bandicoot Fan 1. Its called On the Run.

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A new Idea for a chapter · 4:14am Jan 23rd, 2015

Hey guys, darkmage1997 here, and I ask you all for an idea on what I could do for a new chapter for my Mixels story.

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