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Pretty casual brony with a desire to write.


Wrote a new thing · 5:25pm Jul 13th, 2014

So I wrote a new story, "If Anyone Can Fear," and as of this blog post it is pending moderation. It was a suddenly-inspired fic, based on an idea that had popped into my head a month or so before and bounced around until a story formed around it. I tried to go with something with minimal dialogue and instead try to evoke a sense of fear and overcoming that fear. Everything I try to write always ends up dialog-heavy, so I figured maybe I could do an exercise in the opposite of that.

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My first fimfic up! · 4:43am May 20th, 2014

If you're following me, I'm pretty sure you're already aware, but I posted a story finally! Flight for a Friend is up. Went through moderation faster than I expected. It's pretty simple, but I tried to put a little heart into it and make it an uplifting read for those times when everything seems dark.

Also, I realized I've never blogged before, so this makes a fitting first blog entry.

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