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And time goes by... · 10:47pm Feb 26th, 2013

Christmas, and my last blog post seems like it was ages ago already. I've been keeping busy with school and we're about to finish our first game. (Did I mention I study game design?) Anyways, I've written some more words in my idea dump, but I'm still no closer to actually writing a fic myself, which is a shame, as I've found that I really enjoy writing stories through making the game for school.

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It was Christmas! · 9:46am Dec 26th, 2012

Eeyup, things happened. It was nearly 20°C and it rained all day long.

Still awesome though, saw a load of relatives I hadn't seen in ages and got a nice new headset for Christmas! (Even if I did derp plugging it in, was about to give up on it when I realised I had the headphone jack in the mic plug and vice versa...)

Next stop: New Year!

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Long time no speak · 10:03pm Sep 26th, 2012

...You, know seen as we never really see each other anyway on the internet.

Well it has been ages since my last post and I've sort of kept myself busy. Been on a hiking tour in Iceland, celebrated my 19th birthday and I'm starting a course in Media IT/Game Development on the first of October. Desperately trying to find a job before I go completely bankrupt as well. -.-'

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Exam Stress · 9:55am Jun 13th, 2012

Or the lack of it...

Seriously you'd think that the fimal exams would cause some form of pressure to do stuff; but here I am on FIMFiction making a blog entry. I thought about doing some last bits of revision for that exam coming up later today, or maybe do some more maths for the exam tomorrow, but no, blog entry it is.

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Possible fic? · 11:28am May 9th, 2012

So, past weekend I've had no internet due to the WIFI on campus misbehaving and that meant no constant distraction in the form of internets and especially ponies. I've had a general idea for a story for a while now and had jotted patches, but this weekend I actually got around to start writing (something). I might feel inclined to post a teaser scrap here beforehand, but don't expect the fic any time soon, as I'm really getting into exam time now. Luckily I'll be finished with all of my exams 2

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Hello world · 7:53pm Apr 16th, 2012

Those famous words...

It's now my turn to say them, seen as I've been registered here for over six weeks and had been using FIMFiction even before that, it's about time too. I don't even know why I'm now doing this, seen as nobody follows my page, and there's no incentive to do so. I'm not good at drawing, would like to write a story, but have no Ideas and have to focus on upcoming exams.

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