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I am not dead! · 5:19pm Mar 24th, 2015

Just like the title says, I'm not dead but rather school is really hurting me right now. I'm trying really hard to get caught up and once I'm back in the loop I will get some updates out for you guys! Thank you all so much for your patience

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Sorry, the Delay isn't going to be over soon :( · 3:17am Feb 23rd, 2015

Hey guys, life caught me really hard. I got sick for 6 days with a super hardcore strain of the cold and im still struggling to get caught up with school and its consuming all of my time and will, so it could be a little while for the next chapter, sorry about that but there isn't anything I can do about it!

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Next chapter is finished! · 4:07am Jan 23rd, 2015

Hey, just like the title says I've finished up this next chapter, which proves to be the longest of all of them so far and this one actually has what many have been waiting for, ACTION!

Once my two new editors, Tripy998 and Flameswordedlink look over the chapter it will be out and ready for all of you to enjoy

Also! All of my older chapters will be receiving an overhaul to bring the writing up to par with the later ones.

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After many lies about release dates, I have finally done it boys · 3:37am Sep 23rd, 2014

Title says it all. I apologize for the lies, but I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to start writing again. I submitted the prologue/first chapter and it is waiting approval. The first chapter is nearing 4k words, and I plan for most chapters to be about that length, with 17-18 chapters planned.

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Looking for editors and proofreaders! · 6:50am Jul 16th, 2014

Hello everypony, today was the first day that I have solely dedicated to writing, brainstorming, plotting and the whole lot of other stoofs. After many attempts at writing a beginning and a general outline of the first few chapters, I am no stumbling upon a pretty decent beginning to my return story. I am going to be in need of a couple of positions however,
1 Editor
At least 1 Proof reader, more if possible.

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As promised, writing begins, · 12:11am Jul 1st, 2014

My birthay has come and passed yesterday, and i have recieved my tablet, which i am writing on now. It is going to take me a while to get use to this shitty ass tiny keyboard but i will eventuaally and i will start progress on writing my re-entry story. Thanks to anybody that cares

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AFTER OVER A YEAR, I AM BACK · 12:07am Jun 18th, 2014

Hey guys, for those of you that still give half a fuck about me thank you, and after almost a year and a half(or more) I am coming back and will most likely start writing after my birthday (June 29) as that is when I am getting my tablet. I could start sooner, however I have not watched any of season 4. AT ALL. i have no idea what happened except the tiny bits and pieces I've read about in fanfiction. Over my hiatus I see many unfortunate things, many of my old tracked stories have either been

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New story coming up · 5:37am Mar 23rd, 2013

Hey guys, I know I havn't been doing much on this site except way too much reading, but I finally found a really good idea and decided I'm going to start writing again over spring break. The first couple of chapters will be done over spring break, editted and all. Anyway, just wanted to say something since the last time I wrote anything was about 40 weeks ago.

BTW. It's going to be a TwiLuna ship/adventure/dark fic.


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