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A New Problem · 3:40am Aug 4th, 2015

To my two viewers, thank you for the follows, I appreciate it even if it boggles my mind that you would follow someone who has posted almost no content.

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Mysterious Changes · 2:09am Jan 5th, 2015

I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason fimfiction is not making italic text readily veiwable. I have to either leave the chapter and come back to see the invisible text, or change the font. Anyone got a clue as to why this is cause it is annoying. feed back is encouraged.

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A Crossover Idea for the stealing · 5:08am Feb 1st, 2014

I know that no one really looks at my account since I have not done anything with it, yet, but I have to put this idea out there: Reaper mlp crossover. Have some souls escape into equestria instead of earth, maybe through Tartarus who has no authority over them, and the devil sends a speacil reaper to catch these souls. that could be Sam Oliver, Could be an OC, doesn't matter. currently working on another story so I can't really work on this and be speedy with it, unlike some amazing authors

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