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Article #13 Is Already Here · 2:18am April 1st

I just went on Derpibooru a couple of minutes ago, and already a 1/3 of the content has been deleted because of copyright infringement. I thought it would take longer, but nope ladies and gentlemen already censureship are appearing everywhere even youtube is getting hit right fucking now, and you know what is the worst; I live in fricking Canada.

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Yesterday I Did a Mistake · 12:43pm March 31st

As the title implies I did a mistake yesterday; I went and watched Captain Marvel *shudder*. It is by far the worst MCU movie, Carol Danvers his either the smuggest (yes even more smug than Tony Stark) or the most blank face person to have ever lived in the MCU.

I could go on and on and on about what makes this movie horrible, but I'm just pointing the most obvious flaws of the character because I'm short on time. To finish this blog, the movie is a 4.5/10 (and that is generous).

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Article #11 and Article #13 · 3:58pm March 29th

I know I am a little late on this, but still I would like to voice my opinion (which will soon be Illegal in Europe). Article #13 has passed, and the internet (in Europe), and the right to speak freely (once again in Europe) has been damaged so much because of one stupid law that being creative on the internet is now a crime.

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Man LucasFilm did it YAY! · 11:39pm January 16th

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Net Neutrality Is Gone (Copy and Post this on your Blog and Share among your followers) · 12:02pm Dec 15th, 2017

The battle to keep it was one-sided as three of the Republican voters were personally selected by the fucktard of the President, and they won 2 to 1 in the voting process. Now everyone who uses the internet for pretty much everything are going to suffer because of those fucking shitheads. I'm already having issues with the internet even before this bullshit started. The link below will give more info.

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