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The perfect 'book' to pick up during a coffee break or snack; 'Tales from the Kryptchild' is a story compilation of dark short stories and flash fiction inspired by the hit 90's TV show "Tales from the Crypt".

It will be updated somewhat regularly with no real planned end. There will eventually be at least one story based around each of the mane six.

'Tales from the Kryptchild' is marked as Teen for suggestive themes, some violence, language, and adult situations. Only dark stories will be submitted, requests may be considered.

Short stories will be between 300 (flash fiction) and 2,000(shorts) words long.

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A four chapter tragic romance told mostly from the perspective of Fluttershy with occasional cuts to Pinkie's perspective.

Fluttershy is dealing with some conflicting emotions, but her day brightens when Ponyville's premiere pretty pink party pony pays her a playful visit.

Catastrophe strikes before Fluttershy has a chance to reconcile her feelings, however. Will the shy Pegasus be able to juggle her feelings and this new crisis? Or will she be forced to choose between her friend, and her own happiness?

(Guest appearances by Mrs. Cake, Nurse Redheart, a rooster, and 2 story based OC health care ponies Nurse Cura and Pharm Party.)

Cover art by http://feujenny07.deviantart.com/

Chapters (5)
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