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On the Discussion of Brony: Term Misogynistic in The Writer's Group · 4:44pm Aug 15th, 2014

It was pointed out that I probably should have used the more accurate term 'sexist', which I think I should have, upon reflection.

I have also never been called so many nasty names by so many rude, unthinking people so quickly in my life. I think it might have been some kind of record!

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Appleblooms' 'Cutie Scars' Cutie Mark? · 6:13am Oct 6th, 2013

If anyone has any ideas on what it could be - gruesome, shocking, or just downright un-cute - I'd love to hear them. Because I...have none.
I know, I know. Bad writer, bad! -slaps wrist-

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Hello, hello, my little ponies! · 7:12pm Oct 1st, 2013

After trawling some of the amazing fan-fic here, I decided to join the herd - and jump into this 'being-an-author' thing hooves-first with my 'Cutie Scars: Dark Marks'. (I'm pleasantly surprised that I got a review already!)

I'm new to the site, still, so if anypony has any tips or tricks, they'd be very much appreciated!

-- SG

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