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Story Time boys and girls!! · 3:22am Nov 2nd, 2013

First story ever will be up and running soon!

Hope you like it. Got Big Plans for it.

Updates will be random and mostly untimed.

See the authors note for a little contest. Extra hints--1. balloons 2. RANDOM!!!------ That is all.
If no one gets it in three days I will give another 2 hints or if someone is close enough they win.

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Hello and welcome to my strange thoughts · 6:58pm Nov 1st, 2013

My first blog post!! Hello I`m......... well I`m not telling. Anyway I have been lurking around fanfiction.net for years and this one for little more than a year, joined a little while ago. I have got ideas for stories but I can`t write for the life of me. I will be writing some things and posting them as I go along. I`l try to get a beta to proof it but it will take awhile.

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