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Story uppdates! · 6:40pm Aug 27th, 2015

I have started to write the next chapter to A change of scenery!!! :pinkiegasp:
But the thing is my creativity isn't what it used to be, but i am still on the way to release a new chapter.

As for the last chapter of LIRC. It's on the way, please don't rush me, I am sorry but it could take some time. I am thinking of changing it's status to"on hiatus" becasue i don't think i can complete it for some time.

But I won't cancel it, mark my words! I will finish it!

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Update. · 9:19pm Jun 29th, 2015

So i was going to have the last chapter ready within a month, but that is not happening.
Instead I am going to post part 1 of the last chapter soon.

I hava a different project going on that takes time from this.

So, sorry. The next chapter is almost ready.

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Not dead! · 7:55pm May 28th, 2015

So quick update on LIRC.
I am writing right now!!! :pinkiegasp:
And the good thing is that is going quite good right now.
So if all goes well the next chapter should be out within a month.
I really want to finish this so i can start rewriting it. :rainbowderp: (The first chapters are a pain for me to read.)
And i also want to continue on my other fic A change of scenery .

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The next (and last chapter) of LIRC · 7:03pm Mar 24th, 2015

So, some of you have been wondering about the next chapter.

I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that I haven't had the motivation to write anything lately. I couldn't focus on it for a second.

The good news is that I have managed to write something today and I'm at about 2,5k words right now.
And in the file I have on my computer marking my progress, I'm about 40-50% done. So when it comes out it will be a long one.

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Progress as of now. · 7:43pm Nov 19th, 2014

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am working on the next and last chapter of Love is Rainbow colored.
Don't worry. I have a sequel planned.

But what i wanted to say is, it's going to be longer than the other chapters. And I am trying to write some fluff.

Dear god what am I doing? I have never written real fluff before.

Well. As soon as the Shovel Knight Soundtrack is ready I am going to continue writing. Let's just hope that my TV doesn't interrupt me, Family Guy is on.

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Delays. And a sneek peek. · 7:51pm Aug 13th, 2014

Oh god! I am sorry. I know I should have posted at least one chapter by now. But as the temperature started going down I felt tired.

And if that wasn't enough, I got caught in a great fic.
Good thing too, I managed to learn some things, but I need to keep reading. It really helps me motivate.

But I still need to get some new content out soon, I don't know how, but I will.

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HOT!!! · 8:35pm Jul 30th, 2014

My god the heat! I can't stand it!

I apologize for the delay's, but i can't write in this heat!

It's about 33c outside and i can't take it.
I am a Swede! It feels like i am melting. Over 30c outside with the humidity at the range of 85-95%. I can't do a thing!

With that being said, I managed to write a little today, but it seems that the weather is going to continue to be hot and humid.

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So the stuff i am working on. · 9:58pm Jul 17th, 2014

First of all i want to say sorry in advance. The next chapter of Love is Rainbow colored is going to take some time, i have it mostly planned out and have started writing it. The next this is that the next chapter of A change of scenery is probably going to be finished before.

Good news! I have one more Fic in the works at the moment, it is called Guardian of the moon and will be connected to A change of scenery. Well mostly.

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The wait. · 7:58pm Jun 12th, 2014

First of. I am sorry for the delay in updates, i have been working, and i have started on a new fic here. It will be published within the next 100 years.

Chapter 8 is on it's way, as of now it's about 30-50% done. I don't really know how long i want this chapter to be. But it is on the way.

If you have any suggestions or questions don't be afraid of asking.

Until next time, Stay tuned!

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New stuff. · 8:24pm Apr 16th, 2014

First off i would like to thank my readers.
With the new chapter out i keep thinking, what have i unleashed?
I am trying my best with both grammar and spelling, it's not easy.
I am working on a new story about my OC (read myself), but it won't be as fun or happy as my main fic.

I really like seeing other people caring for my writings. I am still new to this so i will get better with time.

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