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new story in the works · 2:35am Jun 6th, 2013

it appears, after a solid year and a half, inspiration for a new story has hit for my main line. hopefully, I'll do better this time. especially if somepony could find me a proofreader.

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attention watcher · 11:05pm Jun 10th, 2012

there may be a further development. my partner also happens to be a Brony, and though he's still catching up season two, we've been working on his twins.

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[no title] · 9:14pm Feb 22nd, 2012

I've finally figured you people out...you saw Mary Sue, didn't you? didn't READ the damn thing at all, just tossed it out of hoof instantly.

well, JUST for that, I'm putting up the last three parts ANYWAY! here's a suggestion for you Sue-hunters...if you hate it that much, use it as an example OF a mary sue! one to look out for that isn't blatantly obvious!

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coming on fast · 10:13pm Feb 14th, 2012

if you, my few readers, are wondering why New Colt is coming out so fast, I have an explanation. these stories we written months ago, starting sometime in august well before the season two premier. I have been doing my best to clean them up, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, and edit out some crap to take the "mary sueish" elements out. but a little mary sue stuff is to be expected, as I am a GM/DM/ST and a Trekkie...and trekkies invented both mary sues and Slash (for

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revamping · 6:43pm Feb 9th, 2012

I had not noticed untill submission how utterly short new colt parts two and three were after submitting. I will attempt to coalate the group into one piece.

per to the reaction from a critiquing brony, I will attempt to revamp the story line to a third person format. accusations of "Mary Sue" are prompting this action. one more accusation of mary sue-ing will result in immediate withdrawal of the story.

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