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Downfall · 1:57am Jun 6th, 2015

Hey everybody, Equestrian Ghost here, and I just want to say a quick thing concerning my story. I will probably be entering a writer's block due to the possibilities of having Aspergers or an Autism. I know you're waiting for the next chapter, and I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I find no point in writing such story in the state of melancholy. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you're all still interested after the return.

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NEW CHAPTERS!!! · 1:55am May 25th, 2015

I know it's been about a month since my last chapter, but it is guaranteed that it comes out this week. I was busy with school, but I have become stable now. I must thank my colleague Nocturnis Comics, and thanks to him progress will become much better and quicker. Thanks for checking in, and I'll see you all later.

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Spooky Scary Relaunches · 1:37am May 9th, 2015

Hey everybody, Equestrian Ghost here, and I am waiting to apply my exam until Monday. Until then, I will announce the republishing of my Halloween specials, as well as fine-tuning one, and saving a new special I have in mind until this Halloween. Also, the changes will begin from the second episode of the timeline. Several MLP characters are confirmed to appear in the future, and also an array of video game and other characters. Thanks for checking this out, and I'll see you all later.

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Delay · 12:05am May 7th, 2015

Hey everybody, Equestrian Ghost here, and I wanted to say quickly that I will begin the next chapter next week since I am in the middle of Exam Week. Thanks for checking my story "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: From Dragon To Duelist", and I'll see you all later.

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Yeses and Nos · 5:01am Feb 15th, 2015

Well, as the blog title goes, there are good news and bad news:

New chapter for "Ascension of the Dragon"? Not yet.
New story? Hell yeah!

This story is going to be of short experiences, and... SPOILERS!!!

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Tacos, updates and applications · 11:03pm Jan 29th, 2015

Ooh, it's my shit, it's my shit,
ooh, it's my shit, it's my shit...

Hey everybody, Equestrian Ghost here, and it's concerning updates on "Ascension of the Dragon". I am making the next chapter already, and it will be out probably by next week. Keep tuning in, and I'll see you all later.

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New Chapters · 9:34pm Oct 11th, 2014

Hey everybody, just a quick thing. I have two episodes ready, and I plan on releasing one of them next week. I already have the animatronic's deck, and also Episode 7's duel ready, they just need the story part, but I'm a tad busy this weekend. Thank you for sticking with this story, and I'll see you guys until the next update.

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Writer's Block and Updates · 12:26am Sep 21st, 2014



Skype: equestrianghost

Gmail: equestrianghost@gmail.com

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Sneak-Peek · 5:50pm Sep 13th, 2014

Hey everybody, I just wanted to tell you that I am giving you all unpublished access to my story if you already want to check out the next Aftermath, for the GX part isn't ready yet. I've been trying to balance school, dueling and this story, and things haven't been going well, but here is another advance. This is Rarity's Aftermath, hope you enjoy it, and I'll see you all for the next chapter of our Dragon-blood Duelist.
Password: Stardust

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Where'd it go? · 10:02pm Sep 3rd, 2014

Hey everybody, Imaginationlord here, and I just wanted to talk about my Metroid fan fic quickly. I found that concentrating on one story was easier, and bringing the chapters for my other fan fic has been rare due to the school work, so I opted for concentrating on that one. I do plan on continuing Metroid, but not for the time being. Meanwhile, I will do some short stories while bring the next chapters. When the Aftermaths, bonus entries and stuff are ready, I will put a blog post with the

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