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“Reading is something every pony can enjoy if they just give it a try.” – Twilight Sparkle


Glad you’ve found my page. :pinkiesmile:

When I first came to Fimfiction I was a very troubled individual and fuck was I lonely. My first foray into the fandom began when I read a story called Fallout Equestria. I was blown away by the quality of it. It was a very well-written story and I especially liked the romance side of things, lol. After I read that story, which was on Equestria Daily at the time, I found this place and man did I fall in love. Before I read FoE I always snubbed my nose at fanfiction in general. Mostly because of that crappy site Fanfiction.net. So much horrid crap. It’s very difficult to find anything good there. 

Before when I said I was lonely I meant it. I had no one most of the time and the first online friend I made on here was a guy who became my editor later on. His name was Shade, a really cool dude and as it turns out a good first friend. He never made me feel bad the whole time I talked to him. Even when I got a bit… Weird. He still shoots me a line now and then but he kinda moved on from the fandom.

When it comes to my religious beliefs I tend to lean on the side of Atheists but I also lean on the agnostic side on some things as well. Like I’m 100% the bible or any other religious texts are complete works of fiction. It’s just early humans trying to understand the universe. But I’m completely open to the idea there may be a creator of some kind but I just don’t know and no one does if they’re honest.

If I had to pick my favorite genre here it would be romance. It gives me the warm and fuzzies if I’m being honest. I also Like a lot of mature romance stories. If I had to pick my favorite genre in general it would probably be Science Fiction.

I’m currently 35 at the moment and I’m about to celebrate my ten-year anniversary with Fimfiction soon. I have made so many great memories here and I will most likely go down with the ship. 

I will be a brony until I die. :twilightsmile: