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No more clop please · 3:51am Mar 18th, 2016

Holy fucking shit I can't search mature slice of life fiction and find any non sex fics it's fucking boring. I dont WANT clop stories I want confident writers to write fiction I can relate to! No I don't realate to equestria girls lesbian bondage trash like FFS were do I go to find good writers?

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hay! · 10:23pm Oct 15th, 2013

I have been wriggling way deep in stories lately and haven't written shit in months :P
on the plus side I am getting into college so not only will my imaginary readers be disappointing with a lack of reading so will I!

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stories are hard! · 7:05pm Jul 9th, 2013

so I finished my second chapter in my story whats a brony and I got to say that shit was hard work I honestly don't know how people do like 5000 word chapter when i couldn't even get 700 words out of my second chapter!sheesh!

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