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Brony, furry, and video game addict. At least I have a winning personality! :D


Crossover Motivation Assassinated · 6:02am Sep 5th, 2014

To anyone who cares, here's a link to the newest League of Legends developer's blog.

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My Little Cryophoenix: Writer's Block is Magic · 5:46pm Apr 17th, 2014

That awkward feel when you know exactly what you want to happen but just... Can't... Get there. I've already fleshed out the entire story in my mind as far as the main plot is concerned. I'm just having a really hard time coming up with the miscellaneous conversation that happens along the way. In particular, the conversation that the mane 6 have with Anivia as they get back to Ponyville.

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To Thaw A Frozen Heart title change · 3:55am Apr 12th, 2014

Due to people assuming that my latest story is a Frozen crossover, I have decided to change the title so as to prevent further confusion. Not really much else to say here. Just, yeah... New title.

To Thaw a Frozen Heart is now My Little Cryophoenix: Black Ice is Magic. Actually, I think I like the new title better. :D

Anyways, have a nice day.

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