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307934 Sorry for the late reply, I haven't really been on this site for a few months. As for continuing the story, I'm afraid I see it as nothing more than than samey self-insert fanfic everybrony writes when they're new to the fandom. If my feelings change I may do a complete reworking of the story, making it fuller and replacing the OC with a canon character whose personality I can use to my advantage, for I suck at writing dialogue. For now, though, if I do write it will probably be some new story,,, Which in turn I'll leave to whither and die. But then again I am a pessimist.

I can't help but to beg you to continue. I'm sure there's someway you can get out of that corner. Even if it requires re-writing a previous (or more) chapter. I was really enjoying it.

I'll try, but I honestly think I've written myself into a corner; but I'll try.:ajbemused:

Please continue "Electric Subshine"! It deserves to continue!

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