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Update - First chapter complete! · 6:39am May 1st, 2014

There goes my first revision - see if you like the new 1st chapter!

The second is on it's way!

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A decision: updates on writing. · 7:25am Apr 28th, 2014

I continue to be split a hundred different ways, but it has come to my attention that "An Equestrian Engineer" sorely needs a re-write.

JetGrey, the OC I adopted post-fic as my ponysona, was simply not representing the image and ideal he was in my mind. The clash of determination verses self-doubt was entirely muddled in a story that wandered a bit to far in the end.

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Technology of Equestria · 12:14pm Jan 10th, 2013

Another 2:00 AM thought.

I'm writing a science fiction story, but it's in Equestria: a personal computer may be science fiction. Or perhaps not, as Twilight Sparkle summons an EEG machine to use on Pinkie. Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to investigate the technology Equestria uses, or any I slip into An Equestrian Engineer. If you have a question about any of JetGrey's gear, I'll write about it.

For starters, the Jet engines strapped to his back.

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