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A Suprise To Be Sure, But A Welcome One · 4:17pm August 12th

Well....that was unexpected.

To say that Idol has surpassed expectations is a vast understatement. I'm still processing the fact that its been in the feature box for three days now and has garnered over 200 likes in that time. So thank you to everyone who liked it! It is probably my most successful story since Letters, which is my pride and joy. I think it's quite amusing to see it do well especially since I was seriously considering scrapping it halfway through.

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New Story Out! Oh Fluff how I love thee · 11:02pm August 9th

As we enter the endgame of FIM as a television series I felt it was appropriate that I try my hand at a post Season 9 story with a bit of Twilight and Flurry Heart Fluff.

Just an idea I came around to after I was extraordinarily bored at work. I enjoy Fluff pieces like this and if It does well enough I might start writing a few more post-season 9 stories for the mane 6.

Eh, we'll see I guess. Anyway would appreciate if you gave it a look and do enjoy!

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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