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Procrastination at Its Finest · 12:00am Sep 30th, 2014

Here I am, on a fanfiction site with possibly millions of stories, ready for my viewing and judgment. I have about eleven stories in my Read Later stash.

And am doing that?

Nope. Sure, I could be clearing out those stories, either moving them to my Faves or removing them from my sight all together. Sure, I could be writing, adding chapters and stories to my shrimpy collection.

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New Story: Pony Playdate · 8:27pm Aug 27th, 2014

After sitting within the confines of my mind for nearly five months, I have finally pushed out the first chapter of a new story I've entitled "Pony Playdate." It is a random/comedy/crossover (which I've also taken the liberty of noting with an AU tag; you'll see why in a moment) simply about a...well, here:

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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