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Thank you for 1K views! · 4:34am Aug 16th, 2020

A Day for Family has officially been viewed over one thousand times! I don't know how big of an achievement that is(If it even is one), but heck if I care! I can't express just how grateful I am that so many of you found my story interesting enough to read! I really hope you all enjoyed it.
Thank you so much, everyone!


The Writing of A Day for Family · 7:34am May 21st, 2020

Hello, everyone! A while back, when I confirmed The Bonds of Love would happen, I also said that I would talk a bit about what writing A Day for Family was like. It’s not like I’m going to use this Blog much for anything else, so why not? :moustache:

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Happy Easter! Also sequel announcement! · 10:36pm Apr 12th, 2020

Happy Easter and salutations to the one person that will probably ever read this!

So I've been gone for a while, but I'll be coming back soon! :pinkiehappy:

You might have noticed A Day For Family(The only story I've written as of this post) was originally written for Miller Minus's Young Six Story Contest. That contest has since concluded, and recently, I also received the review that I asked for from the judges.

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