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Random Idea #74: (non)Combustion Civilization · 5:31am September 28th

This thought was spawned from comments across the internet about just how much of a technological boost the utilization of fossil fuels for industry gave to humanity. As much as it sucks long term environmentally (carbon, smog, nitrous oxides, etc) and short term (volatility to exploding via sparks), fossil fuels are, still, unparalleled in mobile, compact power, and gives one the resources to research cleaner energy sources.

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Random Idea #70: Flat Stanley · 6:18pm Oct 19th, 2019

So back in like, elementary or something, there was this class project to make a cut out of a kid and then mail it to people to say hi or something, and hopefully it returns to you after like, 10 senders.

Maybe some sort of event to write a short story about Stanley or whatever visiting one person's fic for a few days, then "sending" him off to visit another world?

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Random Idea #33: Kingdom Heartless · 7:22am Nov 21st, 2016

So, I read a fic about Kingdom Hearts after link hopping. After reading to the last update, I realized the the setting is fairly similar to my Dark Multiverse Thing. Except replace Keybladers with even more Heartless.

I had a vague idea about going somewhere with this, but I still couldn't get past the opening scene. Oh well.


Random Idea #38: Gem Grenades · 5:12am Jan 25th, 2017

Possible this will eventually see use in Diary of the Dead. Crystal attached to small power source, lobbed at enemy, Golem appears, which will attack the designated target relentlessly until destroyed or its objective completed.

Hint: Steven Universe
Why? Because it amuses me.


Random Idea #11 · 6:13am Dec 5th, 2014

On bikes!


Random Idea #51: Artificial Draconequus · 10:16pm Sep 23rd, 2017

I swear I had posted this before, but I guess not.

tldr, I noticed fics trying to make artificial alicorns, but no one (I've read, at any rate) had tried to make an artificial draconequus, chimera style.

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Random Idea #27 · 6:11pm Nov 24th, 2015

Why hasn't anyone used the G-man as a plot point? Mysterious person, plucking heroes out of the air, a time warper, teleporter, etc. Seems like it would be interesting.

Looming endgame that you aren't sure you really want, since the moment you win, the G-man might be looking over your shoulder, ready to take it all away and drop you into a new assignment.

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Random Idea #50: Hecs and Meks · 3:46am Sep 16th, 2017

First of all, wooo 50.

Hecs and Meks is a sister brother duo, respectively,
Hecs is the mage that likes getting close and whacking people with a magic hammer staff spear thing, that on occasion she shoots magic bolt due to horrid aim.

Meks is the Technician(Cyborg?) who casts fireballs and defensive shields with giant gauntlets. He has better aim than his sister and needs to sight the staff-rifle for her.

Both like big booms, take great offense to any that hurt the other.

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Random Idea #19 · 6:25am Apr 17th, 2015

Apple Bloom goes digging one day for some reason and unearth an unpowered R2D2.
He appears to be the only bona-fide immortal hanging around, and the longer no one resets him, the smarter he's gonna get. Maybe figure out how to survive the death of one universe/galaxy, and wait around long enough for the next civilization to unearth him.

>Obligatory Princess Artoo.

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Random Idea #53: Cyberformula · 5:07am Feb 1st, 2018

Scoots is going home one day and accidentally ends up in a prototype air racer.


An anime where race cars use rocket boosters to get over 600 kmph (375 mph).


Random Idea · 7:20pm Oct 27th, 2019

I want a role playing game where you constantly make moral choices that are set up in a way so that making choices that are morally wrong get you better loot and making choices that are morally just only gets you some meh slightly above average loot. In the first three quarters of the game, the choices all seem to be without consequence, but in the last quarter if you made all the wrong decisions all your favorite characters including your romantic partner die horrible deaths and you're just

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Random Idea #64: By the awesome powers of zombies. · 4:10pm May 10th, 2019

A few days back, I was bored, and as you know, i decided to look up the torque curves for bicycles. Interestingly, like electric motors and steam engines, it is quite flat for most of its power range, then drops off once the pedaler is unable to pump their legs fast enough.

What I got out of it was that zombie legs pedaling a crankshaft in an I-4 arrangement was totally plausible.


Random Idea #48 A/B: Starcraft crossovers · 6:07am Aug 28th, 2017

A) Replace Terrans with Ponies, wanderers land in the Koprulu sector. The "UED" isn't hostile for once.
Friendship attempted.

B) Replace Zerg with Changelings, Protoss with Ponies, Terrans with Diamond Dogs.
Chaos ensues.


Random Idea #44: HydrogenPunk · 7:11pm Mar 3rd, 2017

I... have no idea either. Somehow replacing steam?


Random Idea #10 · 6:06am Nov 11th, 2014

Have a class, which you basically looks at movies and learn about some techniques and editing and stuff.

Started wondering what if someone's super power is mild 4th wall acknowlesgement, and the ability to abuse Cheat Cuts.
(Assume this is a movie)
Some person in a bar. Idly swirling a drink with a straw. After several sips, notices he is running low. Drops a few bills and calls for bartender. Bartender still attending other people. Annoyed, he snaps his fingers.

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Random Ideas #2 · 3:51am Nov 2nd, 2012

I always felt that having a brain in one part of the body seems to leave a really venerable spot to protect. Instead of having grey matter completely concentrated in one area (aka head), parts of the brain are somewhat spread out across the nervous system, though still a bit higher than the center of mass. This might slow the brain's processing speed, though that is traded off for the ability of being somewhat more coordinated.

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Random Idea #12 · 4:12am Dec 8th, 2014

A bit of thinking about spell mechanics in the Dresden world.
Those "Force Rings" Dresden uses store a bit of kinetic energy from swinging his arm, for later use. Who said that it has to be generated by human forces?
Why not stick it to the end of a gun, to both reduce recoil and sound, to charge up a damage boost for pistol whipping?
Drop it next to a live grenade, and hold it down with a heavy spike?

Can you store different forces?
Heat Energy?

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Random Idea #32: SuperCar · 7:32am Nov 16th, 2016

Lamborghini is a Minotaur
Ferrari is an Earth Pony

They hate each other's guts.

That is all.


Random Idea #24: Magic-powered crossbow · 12:49am Oct 11th, 2015

Based on idle speculation that someone mentioned that guns became popular because you don't really need to train someone to be good at it. Just point, shoot, fire.

In Equestria, I'm pretty sure someone would've figured out a way to enchant some piece of a crossbow that allows it to magically accelerate the "bolt" on trigger pull. Voila, long range "gun" but not really. And you don't even need gunpowder, just a unicorn or whatever that can enchant stuff.

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Random Ideas #49: Maxwell's Demon is possible · 5:42am Sep 9th, 2017

tldr: Maxwell's Demon is a theoretical door that can make a enclosed system (insulated box, isolated room, etc) colder by letting colder molecules in, and blocking it when it tries to bounce out, and vice versa for hot molecules.

Nothing is this precise IRL.

Maybe magic

No idea what this can be used for. Bullshit tier heat engine?

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