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I can't find a certian story!! · 2:24am Aug 2nd, 2017

I know I read a submission about this somewhere.....just got to fiiiind it and i will be set.....oh hello there! What am i doing you might ask, well i have been searching for a while about a fanfic posted by someone (on here, i think?) about the mane six and other ponies being about head height and that a human could ride on them.....i know i read it somewhere.....i just cant find it.....muwhahahahah im not crazy! ahahah *cough cough*......

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Searching for an HIE (might be deleted) · 5:33am Oct 23rd, 2018

This is something that I have been looking for on and off for actual years now, I'm assuming it was deleted but I'm still holding onto the hope that it's somewhere or someone has a pdf or link.

Here goes.

Title: can't remember...

Cover art: it's pixel art, there was a ginger haired man with glasses, I believe he was holding a weapon and possibly wearing some kevlar body armor. To both of his sides I believe were celestia and luna. That's all I can recall from that.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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