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Just A Rant · 9:06pm Jan 26th, 2019

I am a highly creative person. Indeed I come from a family of them. My mother was a classically trained seamstress and the only reason that she was unable to put chef in front of her name is she didn't have the diploma. She taught herself carpentry and home repair. My father was, bedsides being a Narcissistic Psychopath, a fully trained certified mechanic and had all the skills of a general contractor, as well as plumbing and electrical. He also was well on his way to becoming a detective

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tfw you realize you have no idea how to write two realistic adults · 7:41am Feb 3rd, 2016

Yaaaaay. Its a funny thing when I can write two semi-realistic people about to fuck for hours on end....Yet I can barely get two paragraphs in on characters I've had in my head for two years. Fucks sake.

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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