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I had what I thought was a decent idea for my story but coming back to it, it's full of holes and OOC characters and I'm just having a pretty hard time coming up with a good scenario for the breakout.

My original idea was pretty sketchy, along the lines of Snips and Snails were trying to impress Trixie but they weren't very good at using their magic so they do 'something' like sacrifice a goat or make a deal with Discord to garner more magical power, unwittingly releasing zombies from Tartarus. Like I said, it's full of holes and pretty out of character.

I'm here to ask what you all look for in a zombie breakout. Anything in my original idea I can make use of or should I start from scratch with that?

I look for the hardship one suffers in a zombapocalypse. The tragedy of the loss, the pain of starvation, and fear of walkers, or worse, the other survivors.

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In my experience, there are two kinds of zombie breakouts: fast and slow. Either it spreads so suddenly and so rapidly that the town is overrun before anyone has a chance to react, or it goes from pony to pony without anyone working out what's going on until it's too late. One of the nice things about zombie stories is that just about none of them ever start with or even show the genesis of the first zombie(s). If it's not altogether clear, just having them show up seemingly out of the blue can make them all the more unexpected and frightening, and we'll be more lenient to a backstory if we have to figure it out from pieces or have it explained after the fact. Pick a tactic, follow through, and don't sweat too much about the origins just yet.

What do you feel like writing more?

When I wrote Love in a Hopeless Place, I wanted to focus more on what happens to you, after you see the love of your life die in your hooves, and come back trying to eat you.

Having a pretty much Insane Bonbon wandering around Ponyville, looking for Survivors to feed to Lyra was more fun to write.

587550 you watch it too! (Walking Dead?)

716823 I sure do! I watched the newest episode today and cried. Daryl!!!!!

717088 WOOT!! i haven't yet DONT TELL ME!!!! (i never would have thought that i would be hooked on a zombie soap opera)

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