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Im working on a dead rising crossover and I am trying to figure out who to have as my psychopaths in the story any suggestions.

5734331 pony I wanna try and incorporate as much of both as I can but for the DR humour I am going to use ponies.

Plus I can put in show references with ponies.

5734333 OK, then here's one, Summer Dancer. Unicorn with a fiery temper and can manipulate fire spells. If you're going to do a DR 3 thing with the seven sins, she is a represention of wrath

5734337 haven't played 3 (hoping for a PS4 version) so sticking to 1&2 mostly, thanks for the suggestion.

5734349 I'd suggest watchinga let's play of 3 I have my own story in the works too

5734357 you gonna have the line...:moustache:

5734358 ?
Either way, i need to play the 3rd one. What do you mean a line?

5734367 :rainbowkiss: I'VE COVERED WARS YA KNOW! ....:rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 9
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