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Here, we can talk about what characters to use in this universe. OCs are also welcome.

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I'd imagine Capper Dapperpaws could be a guy Spike goes to at a secure location to exchange information on what's going on in the criminal underworld.

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When Dragon returns, the task force is reformed but the CPD is stretched thin due to the ongoing gang wars and is a lot smaller this time around. However, they were able to enlist members from both the Interpol and the FBI for help.

They are:

Ember Dragoknight: A young inspector from Interpol who has joined the task force to help track down Dragon. She joined Interpol to hope find the master criminal who took her father's life. Dragon contsantly flirts with her which bugs her to no end.

Fleur de Lis: A constable from Interpol and Ember's partner. She isnt as black & white as Ember and Iron Will and knows that the Dragon, while a thief, is a good person at heart and would be more than willing let him go. In exchange for a favor of course.

Moondancer: An up and rising star from the FBI. She knew both Twilight and Spike when they were kids. Like Fleur, she knows Dragon isn't a bad person. Her hacking skills rivals Luna's.

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