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Dewdrops on the Grass
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This thread will be a convenient catch all for vetting cases among each other. It's easy to get caught up in an idea with your case, and often it's better to hear from others whether or not an idea makes sense. A soundboard is crucial, because you will often find that what makes perfect sense to you doesn't make sense to others.

Now, had this been available to me sooner, I would be offering up the first request for soundboarding, but I've already planned out all the cases for my current story. :twilightblush: But I am more than willing to be an ear for anyone else who needs help. Even if you're just starting out, please, ask. As much fun as it is to be spoiler free when reading each others stories, it's also important for said stories to be good. And even if you write everything by yourself without a beta reader, like I do, it still helps to soundboard. Trust me.

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