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1) Please follow site rules and regulations. There is a nice little button at the top of the page that says FAQ and when you mouse over it a little menu drops down. And in that menu is a little link that says "Rules", read it and love it.

2) While this group is rather lax, please do not bash people or a person's work. It's kind of a dick thing to do. Don't be a dick. If you want to bash someone else's work, but not author themselves, then join Rage Reviews. They're about that.

3) Post anything, except NSFW links and stuff, you want but do not spam. I don't care if you change the title a bit and some of the contents of the topic, if it is easily recognizable as a previous post you put up it will be deleted.

4) Trolling is fine, but keep it classy guys. That means you can piss as many people off as you want, but don't break any rules mentioned in this thread while you're doing it. This includes any rules added later, though trolling that happened before that rule was implemented won't be held accountable.

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