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When writing about conflict it is noted that all forms of conflict are broken into either physiological, emotional, verbal, or in one of this groups more favorite forms physical. That being said when it comes to the physical aspect which do you find better the one on one where the fight comes down to a matter of skill and experience? Or do you prefer to see the one vs. the many to watch the struggle of the individual trying to come out on top despite the odds being stacked against them; where they use any means necessary to succeed even running away to use their surroundings as they run? Or do you prefer to see Groups take on one another as whole armies come together and clash as strategies are used along side the terrain and soldiers or warriors are placed in key positions based on their skills?

I my self prefer all of them to see the out come regardless of how I feel one way or another, and I often find my self going back to classic films for inspiration especially for the one vs. many. Here's an example of what I mean.

4835581 And I agree with that, it allows you to explore the possibilities between two fighters as they dodge, counter, deflect, redirect, and show which of the two have the greater skill. I have often found the one on one fights in Avatar The Last Air Bender to be rather insightful, in the episode where Sokka faced a master swordsmen it was noted that though the master had the greater skill Sokka was using his youth to his advantage to keep ahead of his master. Though his youth failed him in the end he gained a great lesson at the end of it.

4836007 It is, and its always entertaining and has me at the edge of my seat to watch or read about a fight that requires such tenacity and determination. And that is regardless of age or gender.

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