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Here you can talk about whatever comes to mind, without Lyra tying you down.

But, keep your discussions civil and within site rules, at all times.

This thread is a temporary solution to the lack of non-Lyra threads, if/when this group becomes too big for one discussion thread, I will decide on what to do next with my fellow admins.

So, what's on your mind?

The Reason Julia/Eris was banned, is something i would like to know.

4697543 Posting multiple nsfw images/gifs in multiple threads.

And possibly for a link to a website with a nsfw song playing that she posted in a thread too.

Julia/Eris has been banned before apparently, so this time it was a permaban.

4697547 Oh.

Ok then. All the clarification i need.

4697554 Glad I could help.

It would help if there was a site post by one of the mods when something like this happens, so everyone can know.

Only reason I know is because Meeester told me himself, though it didn't take long to figure out the reasons behind it.

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