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So I kind of posted this idea in another group (if you want to know the group, just let me know, it is a SFW group I can assure you) and I thought I would copy it here and see what everyone thought. :twilightsheepish:

Note: The Title is a joke, this discussion shall remain safe for work. Unless some jerk comes in and screws it up.

So the idea is kind of inspired by both Monsters Inc and a manga I came across called, Koneko Pancake, with some world building, blah, blah, blah, here it is.

One day, Twilight Sparkle discovers a box on her doorstep, addressed from Moondancer, who has been missing for two years. Within the box are numerous notebooks, each numbered. Opening the first book, Twilight discovers that they are a series of journal documenting what happened to Moondancer. Reading the first journal, Twilight discovers that one evening Moondancer followed a strange creature into her closet, teleporting her to a different world filled with monsters. Sadly, Moondancer breaks her door and now has to earn enough money to fix it.

As she is working/living in this strange new world, Moondancer starts to notice that some of the monsters are starting to have romantic feelings for her. Will Moondancer be able to return home or will she fall for cupid's arrow as well?

So what do you think? Would this story intrigue you and drive away those sleepy strands of boredom? :yay:

On another weird note, how weird would it be if Moondancer was secretly interested in the whole idea of romance between a pony and a sapient non-pony creature, but hides it as it isn't a widely accepted concept in Equestria (now to clarify I am not talking about bestiality here)?

Like most ponies would perceive a mare marrying a changeling or a dragon to be a ridiculous notion (ignore this Spike, keep trying buddy).:moustache:

Would that be a bit of a stretch? :unsuresweetie:

Well, what do you think. To an extent I am kind of worried about what others might think of the later concept, so I thought I would ask and see.

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