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Title: Humdrum Adventure's: Balkham City

Genre: Adventure.

Characters: The Power Ponies.
Note: These versions of the Power Ponies are from the IDW comics, not the mane six.

In the city of Maretropolis, the newest Mayor has arranged for all of the city's criminals to be moved to a new prison called Balkham City, an open-air prison built around the slums of Maretropolis. From pretty burglars to serial killers, lunatics and crime bosses, and even the Power Ponies arch-foes are among the incarcerated!

Naturally the Power Ponies are suspicious and decide to investigate, but soon after they enter the city they vanish without a trace. With no other options, Humdrum sneaks into Balkham City to rescue his friends and fight off their old enemies, who have carved out their own territories in the city and have some wicked plans of their own...

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1