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Music has always been my inspiration when it comes to any stories I ever thought of. The very Ternion of Kings-verse and its stories were thought up during songs I liked at the time, and were influenced by the songs I'd listen subsequently. As such, I want to share the music of my inspiration so that it may serve in your endeavors too, or so that you may lend an ear to the secret behind the different stories and their chapters. There have been a lot of songs so far, and I'll see if I can remember them and which chapter was inspired by them.
I'll gradually edit this post when I write more chapters / stories.

What Heavens Have Divided
Story - Heavens Divide by Metal Gear Solid OST
Chapter 2 - Pritouri Se Planinata by Stellamara
Chapter 4 - Unfinished Life by Audiomachine
Death Come Near Me - Death Come Near Me by Draconian
Chapter 10 - Red Sorrow by Audiomachine
Chapter 15 - Lords of Lankhmar by Audiomachine

Who Wants To Live Forever
Story - Time I by Wintersun
Chapter 1 - Time I by Wintersun

Cursed - not yet published
Story - current version - World on Fire by Les Friction

An Ocean of Stars - not yet published

Ternion of Kings - not yet published
Story - Glacial Supremacy by Pfeifer Broz.

+ And songs I listen to as background music while writing +

So, what music is your inspiration?

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