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I guess that's the problem with stories that are made continuously, each chapter put out there for the masses to see. Especially when the author often doesn't work on his story for days, mayhap weeks at a time. He forgets things; things he'd written about in the many words already out there. Plotholes are just bound to happen. The reader will most likely notice, but the author has to think about so many other things, keeping an imaginary world in his head, ever expanding its history and natural laws. Author's blindness.

I will probably be going back now and then, re-reading some of the chapters maybe, changing a few things. Mostly grammar, because I'll try not to change the story. Sometimes that's inevitable, though. For example, since its major re-write, I've changed a few things in the prologue for WHHD as the story progresses: Instead of a sword Peter now has a mace; instead of never seeing changelings in their natural form, I’ve changed it so that he was just repulsed by seeing them there. Small tidbits, small plotholes, some grammar.

I'll try to hunt for these things. But there's only so much a single man can do in a vast forest, searching for something he senses is there, but not knowing where. If you ever find yourself re-reading anything of mine and finding things just a little bit different from when they were, please forgive me. I'm just trying to do my best. And if you find any inconsistencies, I'd be most grateful if you could point them out. Perhaps in this thread, perhaps in one you create yourself.

That's all. Thanks for reading.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1
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