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Hi everyone, this is the CyberEmperor, here is yet another fanfic I wanted to write, making every Equestria Girls into a different type of monster in the city of Halloweenville going to a high school dedicated to teaching them how to scare, while each student lives out their own personal adventures. Here are the Characters that will be in the story and what monster each one will be.

Student Descriptions:
Twilight Sparkle (Human), A so-called princess who seems to be in a school full of monsters, SOMEONE, HELP!

Flash Sentry (Lizard Man) A scaly Jock who is best friends with Sunset and Sci-Twi, and is one of a few people to make Sci-Twi lose her temper, as he once hired a shaman over, and he was later thrown out a window for it. Don't worry, he had his thick hide, so he's fine.

Sunset Shimmer (Vampire), A kind and Compassionate girl who tries to keep her urge to drink blood under control.

Sci-Twi (Ghost), A shy and kind Spectre who wishes to be a scholar, the only issues being humans can't see her and the constant rattling of the chains on her legs keeps unintentionally scaring people off, Much to her dismay. Another thing is she can only speak through a spirit box she wears around her neck, which is really irritating having to carry the thing around all day. And when you make her mad, things start levitating and get thrown across the room you're in.

Pinkie Pie (Evil Clown) An energetic girl who has a habit of making people into her balloons.

Fluttershy (Fish man) A kind little creature who calls the nearby swamp her home, even though her appearance frightens people, she won't eat them since she has a menu for fish and frogs.

Applejack (Werewolf) An honest soul who dreams to own a farm, but she can't cause she would eat all the livestock.

Rarity (Mummy) A generous person who thinks of herself as beautiful, although those humans beg to differ.

Rainbow Dash (Zombie), A zombie who wishes to be an athlete, if only she could keep her arms, legs, and head from falling off, and she keeps eating the competitors.

Starlight Glimmer (Frankensteins Monster), The creation of a mad scientist, even though she hates to admit that, she keeps putting in her daily doses of volts every single day.

Octavia Melody (Invisible Man) An elite who keeps bumping into people because they can't see her, much to her annoyance.

Vinyl Scratch (Alien) A silent type whose boombox emanates deadly laser blasts.

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk (Sirens) Three Mermaids whose song mesmerizes any human who hears it.

Lyra Heartstrings (Blob) A jittery girl who keeps leaving goop everywhere.

Bon-Bon (Gargoyle) A creature of stone who has a severe fear of heights.

WallFlower Blush (Tree Creature) A shy and timid girl who can't seem to get honeybees out of her.

Juniper Montage (Magic Mirror) A mirror who likes to look and irritate people, as they pass

Celestia and Luna (Gorgons) The principals of the school, misbehave, and they'll turn you to stone.

Cadence (Killer Robot) A mechanical, but kind woman who has an itchy trigger finger for any trouble makers. Her eyes are usually green, but when they turn red, you'd better start running in the opposite direction.

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