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In case anyone is interested, I drew Sombra and Celestia.

4797145 Thanks! Geez, it seems we're just all over each other's threads/blogs today. We must be in all the same groups at all the right times. :rainbowwild:

4797142 Wow! Nice! But it's almost the same scene I wrote in one of my stories! No seriously, in Chapter 7, this picture happens! :pinkiegasp: What a spooky coincidence?!

4797927 TOO SPOOKY 4 ME :pinkiegasp:

Not a huge coincidence, though, because the idea of Sombra removing Celestia's armor (or vice versa) is kind of obvious symbolism for them temporarily putting their romantic relationship over their duties, the armor representing said duties.

Aww, this is so heartwarming.
Is there any story behind this scene?

4798744 Not that I've written, no. X3 I imagine evil Celestia attacked them both at some point and here they are bandaging each other up.
And then they made out


Is there any story behind this scene?

Well...I don't wanna self promote, so...don't check my gallery? :twilightblush: Joking aside, the story isn't all about that scene.

4798328 Can I use this art in my story, then? Please? :pinkiehappy:

4798947 :yay: Thanks! I won't use it as the cover art, though, but I will post it at the end of Chapter 7, the chapter where the similar scene happened. And I'm gonna put it in a blog post for those who've already finished the story. Good?

Hehe. I know your story. I'm going through it.

4799076 Hehe! Hope you enjoy :twilightsmile:

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