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Guys feel free to add sailor moon stories

Kind of already added one check file labeled main

I dunno about adding one, but I did think of a rough idea for one, or at least the beginnings of an idea. I've been rewatching parts of the old dubbed version of Sailor Moon, as well as the newly rereleased Japanese versions (on Hulu) and the newly released Sailor Moon Crystal. Anyway I was randomly rewatching parts of the old dubbed versions and saw one from Sailor Moon Super S I think (Dunno had the circus people in it, and was one I didn't watch when it came on tv cause it was hard to find) anyway, Chibi Usa/Rini whatever you want to call her, was communicating with an alicorn. From what I've picked up from reading fanfic, wikipedia, and the few episodes I saw this was Helios and he and Chibi Usa could possibly have a relationship in the future. So after all that rambling, what if Equestria was the future after Crystal Tokyo, what if Celestia and Luna were Chibi Usa and Helios' children (or grandchildren even). That thought is amusing to me for some reason and If i can write it I will try or if someone else wants to they're welcome to do it as my knowledge is limited and probably years out of date. Please let me know if you do though cause I want to read it.

3446333 that is actually a really good idea if it weren't for 'spoiler alert' that the horn on Helios is just the golden crystal, or I could be totally wrong and that would make an awesome story

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 5
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