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Welcome to The Mechaverse Project, the open story for fans of giant robots and ponies.


So, people, let me tell you a story.

It all began in 2012, when I was just a regular fanboy. Around that time, I got to know the Super Robot Wars games and, as a fan of mechas, I started to think "how in hell does that narrative work?" and because I'm just that kind of person, I started almost immediately to plan how I would do such a thing. Time passed, Pacific Rim hit the theaters and I discovered the addictive magic of ponies. By 2014, I made my firsts attempts with something like that, but I never got myself satisfied with the final product, realizing that a project like that was too big for me alone.

Then, alongside my friend, VampDash, we came with the solution; and open project.

In the fantastical land of Equestria, home of magic and technology beyond imagination, something sinister is plotting to destroy the peace the Regal Sisters have maintained for over a thousand years. Only their faithful students, Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon, can stop the shadow of war from eclipsing Equestria… and maybe the entire world.

Welcome, to the open story of The Mechaverse, where everyone is invited to be part of it.

Here's the core story: My Super Robot: Magicae ex Machina. (password: m.o.g.u.e.r.a.)

Since this is an open project, you can become a writer too. All you need to know to do so is in the guide, My super Robot: The Official Sourcebook". There, you will find a quick lead on what's the setting, the backstory and the main characters of The Mechaverse. Again, we encourage creativity over continuity, so if you have a story to tell, relax, write it and submit it to the Lose Canon where our mods will decide if it can enter to the official canon or if it better stand as its own thing.

Kind of funny since I've recently thought of some Equestriani Jeagers

Well, the Jaegers are still free to take, so maybe you could work with us. Take a look at the surcebook for more info, or post any idea you may have on the discussion thread.

And welcome.

Honestly I don't have much beyond the Jeager's name (Shining Dawn), her pilots (Celestia and Sunset Shimmer), and that she can harness their magic (hard light flaming sword of justice)

I suppose so, I acutally have a bit more than that but not enough for a story. Now as something that others could expand on and incorporate in the Mechaverse

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