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So. As you can see, this group attracted some stories with psychopath hero or serial murderers with denial about their actions, which clearly wasn't intend of this group (well, it's allowed in some cases, if it's happened in past flashbacks, not present, and character development is clearly shown). This group mainly about misunderstanding of others, not about denial of hero. I tried to read them all, to confirm that those stories don't belong here, but I'm only one man. This group needs:
1) Contributors for adding new stories.
2) Reviewers who will read stories in this group to confirm that they belong to this group, and delete them if not.

Or, if you feel that there is no point to this group, or if this group should be renamed, or you found grammar errors in group's description, also post here your opinion.

  • Viewing 1 - 50 of 1