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So I was perusing (love that word, never get to use it though) Google Images when I came upon this picture...

So who would win in a fight between Zod from 'Man of Steel' or Loki from 'The Avengers/Thor'

And the first person you says 'Loki cuz magic lol' is going to get hunted down and b:ajbemused:tch slapped. He used no offensive magic in either movie so actually put some thought into your choice.



I's have to go with Loki. He does have that scepter and that thing can do some real damage... Then again Zod could just dodge evrything. This is tough. Screw it. LOKI CUZ MAGIC LOL!!!

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1793769 I'm using comic book Loki so bear with me....:twilightblush:

it would be Loki.

He'd turn Zod into a frog and then step on it. End of fight.


1793804 Nope! :rainbowlaugh:

Has to be movies. And please don't sell Loki short. Just because he's a mage doesn't mean he can't fight. He held his own against Thor and IS Asgardian...

Now I'm imagining Loki and Zod in a beam struggle...

Epic... :yay:

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1793822 Well then see that would be a much harder to define battle.

Loki is a deceiver. He'd probably exhaust Zod using projections and then maybe stab in him the back with a kryptonite blade...

1793829 :rainbowhuh: How would he know what Krytonite is? They don't get to do research before the fight.

1793835>>1793829 His knives MIGHT be magical, but Zods got Kryptonian armor... but then Thor had Asgardian armor...

Granted, Zod probably wouldn't let that stand if it worked, so before dying, Loki would get lasered in the face pretty bad...

I hear that stings a bit :trixieshiftright:

1793871 You know what I'm gonn cal this one a tie......... Cuz Magic Lol!!!

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1793835 Loki is a liar and a cheat. He would have probably already fought Zod before at least once, and therefore went and found kryptonite and pretended he didn't have it, using his skills of masking things he doesn't want known from others. Zod is too egotistical to see this, and his own ego would eventually destory him:moustache:

1793909 But they haven't fought before. This is like they saw eachother on the street and then just threw down right there cause death battle.

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1793919 well as Knight pointed out, Loki probably has magic spells cast over his knives....

1793950 I also said that Loki would feel the full force of Zod's heat vision for all of his trouble, so if he DOES get close enough to pull that on him, then chances are Zod won't let him walk away.

Oh, and your thing about Loki's illusion thing?c:ajsmug:

1793991 Yeah this fight isn't as much as it sounded before.

1794015 Tougher to decide than you thought?

That was the idea. It's no fun if someone can just say who'll win in two or three comments, is it? :ajsmug:

1794041 Well no, but the more I think about this fight the more I just see Zod and Loki playing Hide and Seek.

1794064 This would make an awesome Death Battle, despite that.

Yeah... awesome :yay:

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