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Hello, I am Florina, the head admin and creator of TSC, and I welcome you to this humble place where you can read forever and ever. You have travelled into the fourm, and you see a huge bolded header. Thanks for reading this and taking the time to read through it carefully. Enjoy your time, Florina.


We are a very small group, but some members may be younger then 18 and do not want sexual/rude pictures and words written ANYWHERE on this fourm. Clopfics are for 18+ and you should put that in your Get To Know You form already. This is super important for the safety of our younger viewers. Some little swears such as 'hell,' 'crap', 'damn' and such are perfectly fine.


I can not stress how important this is. You love that 'Twilight Loves Pancakes' story, so why not say you wrote it and get more popular, as all bronies know and love that story. But the real author will be cross and upset, so I beg you to understand. Plagarism is illegal and you can actually have serious consequences for this.


I am the Head Admin and I am the only one who should be bossing other people around over here. /facehoof. Yes, but I am top dog and if you tell other people they broke a rule, that is against the rules as I want to tell them as I have a bit more authority over them. If you PM me or indicate it somehow, please that is all I really wanted for you to do. No bossiness and niceness please.


Please don't be rude to other players, this is considering cyber bullying and I hate cyber bullies. This is the most serious one apart from plagiarism and a permanent ban from the group will be considered if you break this rule.

Thank you for reading the rules and enjoy.

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