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Hi. So the existing prompt collaboration thread is a mite... dead. So let's have a bit of re-invention.

For starters, the same rules apply as in the other thread:

  • Absolutely anyone is able to take a prompt and write however much they like on it (though a recommended marker is around ~500 words).
  • If you want to claim a prompt, leave a comment, and you have up to an hour to write and post your response in this thread.
  • The prompt must contain TwiFire friendshipping at a base level.
  • Please only offer constructive criticism to other stories within the thread.
  • Multiple people can claim the prompt, but only the first successful response gets to choose the next prompt.
  • All prompts should be kept at PG-13. This means no graphic sex, no gratuitous gore, and no excessive swearing.
  • If a day passes and there are no responses to a prompt, a new prompt can be suggested by anyone, or the last person to post the prompt can answer their own prompt and suggest another one.

For example, if I posted a reply and a new prompt of 'Greeting', then after 24 hours, someone else could change the prompt to 'Shower', or I could write the prompt out for 'Greeting', then change it to 'Shower'.

If you wish to compile a collection of your personal prompts from this thread, feel free to do so or even flesh them out. Remember that if you would like to flesh out other people's prompts into a larger story, it's polite to throw them a 'by your leave' before doing so.

With that in mind... The current prompt is: Shower

And the first prompt (that I am taking myself :trollestia:) is Greeting.

Group Admin

The Grand Galloping Gala was an occasion where the elite ponies from around Equestria would gather for a single night to drink, cavort, chin-wag, and perform immaculate ballroom numbers with other nobility, celebrities, and whichever princesses could be tricked into appearing at the Gala.

This year, it seemed like both Celestia and Luna had conspired to lead Twilight inside with the promise of a new spellbook, and ample amounts of historical documents, only to find the nobility waiting for her and unwilling to let her go once she turned up.

She’d wondered why Luna had insisted that Twilight dressed to impress but had originally put it down to Luna wanting the ancient books to be read with a certain amount of decorum. And now she knew, and would not fall for this a second time…

Either way, that was a problem for another day. The current problem was thus:

Twilight was bored.

She’d played her part in meeting and greeting the new arrivals and holding polite conversations with anyone who approached her, but the last pony to come and talk to her had been half an hour ago, and that was to ask her where the bathrooms were.

She wondered if she could take a break and wander around the gala for a bit but didn’t want to move in case someone else showed up looking for her. Twillight wondered how Celestia had dealt with all the galas that occurred when she was on her own.

She assumed slowly.

Luckily, her lack of movement was vindicated as someone new entered the room. It was a golden mare in military blues that Twilight recognised from several posters around both Canterlot and her friends’ room.

“Welcome to the gala, Captain Spitfire,” Twilight intoned in her practiced princess voice.

Spitfire inclined her head towards Twilight, and spoke in a practised drawl, “I’m grateful to be here, Princess.” She raised her head and looked around. “Where’s everyone else?”

Twilight shrugged, in a manner she was willing to admit was somewhat less than prime princess material. “Everyone is in the ballroom now, Captain Spitfire,” she said, in what she thought was a regal manner.

Spitfire quirked an eyebrow, “Everyone except for you, Princess?” she asked.

Twilight felt her composure slip slightly. “Ah… well, so it seems,” she admitted, somewhat sheepishly.

“It doesn’t quite feel right to leave a princess of Equestria without company,” Spitfire said, smiling. “Would you object to my company for a little while, Princess?”

Twilight sighed. “Feel free,” she said, her princess voice dropping to reveal a much wearier one. “But only if you drop the princess honorific for now.”

“I’d say the same to you too, Miss Sparkle,” Spitfire shot back, offering Twilight a warm grin.

Twilight chuckled. It looked she’d found a way to abate her boredom for a little while.

The next prompt is: Shower

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