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:rainbowderp: I kinda feel embarrassed just joining the group and placing my story alongside 2 great Bioshock: Infinite crossovers in development. Then I realized, the folder doesn't seem very roomy. Though I know not more than a few other Bioshock crossovers, I am aware that there are plenty of others out there. This group has the potential for organized expansion amongst the fans of the lost city Utopias, whether Rapture or Columbia (or something new entirely). Perhaps more stories in the group can spice things up? Just wondering if anybody has anything else to really make this group shine :pinkiehappy:

The issue is tracking down the stories-- if you know of them, then talk to their authors and see if it's okay to put the stories in this group. Er, at least I think that's how it's supposed to be done... I come and go from groups, so I might be mixing this one up with some other.

As things stand, I might be doing something wonky with Infinite at some point (which is the main reason I joined this group), but I need a whiteboard and some markers to finish diagramming the game's ending before I can move into planning the story-proper. It was sad, but at least it made perfect logical sense until the credits rolled. The post-credits scene throws everything into disarray. >_<

893913 I completely understand how you feel. When I saw that ending, my mind was so f***ed. Then I thought of my crossover and asked myself, "How the hell can I work with a game like that!?" I mean, really. It took hours for me to get my train of thought working again to continue. That is something no other game made me do.

On another note, there seems to be no rules on how stories should be added, whether the author supports it (which most groups respectfully do) or people can just add them (like what I did). Just wanted to bring up some clarity before I start spamming authors' inboxes requesting a story joins a group :derpytongue2:

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